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by Old Uncle Crow

A farmer went out one day and bought himself and he hauled home a trained brand new stud rooster for his chicken coop. The young punk struts over to the old rooster, and he went:

“OK, you drooling old pre-Alzheimer prostate sonofabitch, time for you to retire!”
The old rooster went, “Balls of Christ, you young asshole, college degree my ass, sure as Hell you cannot rope and love wiener ALL of these hens!  Look what it has done to me…can’t you just let me have these here dozen or so young bitches over there in the corner?  Meanwhile I’ll let you do some real hot business with an old established firm and learn the ropes from off of those old battleships outside and get it just right, while I learn these young ‘uns up for you real good in here!”


The young rooster went, “Beat it, you old bastard, you are washed up and I am taking over the sex beat in THIS (more…)


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