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by Freeman H Hubbard, B W Allen, F W Smoter etal

[For the sake of online information redundancy, I have taken the liberty of reproducing the following 1945 RR lexicon from the end of the last steam age — the original may be viewed at:


[ — OUC]

This Glossary of Railroad Lingo is from:
Railroad Avenue, by Freeman H. Hubbard, 1945
* Designates Contributed by BW Allen…BNSF Locomotive Engineer
# Designates Contributed by FW Smoter…Web Master Johnstown Flood Page

AGE—Seniority, length of service

AIR MONKEY—Air-brake repairman

* ALL DARKIE, NO SPARKY—(Hi-Ball on a roll by)

ALLEY—Clear track in railroad yard

ANCHOR THEM—Set hand brakes on still cars; the opposite is (more…)


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