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Critical MS by Navarth

by Henry Lucas, special to Cosmopolis

[This just discovered MS presented infra is a rare example of the critical poesis of which Navarth was the author of many a screed; written some fifteen hundred years from to-day, it finds it way to us through the peculiar failure of yet another criminal experiment in illegal time travel with a feloniously modified FTL Jarnell Intersplit.

[Darden Dampf, Hipster Affairs Editor, Smut NOW – Mankato & Paris, vol LX, no 9 — 8 September 2014 (OS)]


Great American Folk-Verse of the Terrene Late-Modern Age

by:  Navarth, Mad Poet

Mr G O reminded me indirectly of THIS (more…)


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A Small Payment On A Scholarly Debt

by Old Uncle Crow

“He who is without an adequate supply of ‘bad words’ is an orphan in the World of the Word and doomed to be the victim always!” [anon — ed]


Friends numerously have indeed complimented me on many, many occasions, for (more…)

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In Defense of the Common Tongue

by B Wook

The pictures shows some common American errors, both spoken & written.

Some Common American Errors -- 082413

Locally, in the area running from rural Eagle Lake, Mn., to Oshawa Twp in Nicollet Cty, the farmers fifty-six years ago spoke a better (more…)

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posted by OUC

These links doubtlessly will cement a reputation as racist, or anyway “insensitive,” among The Halfwits & Automatic Response-types.  But, the treasure this body of work represents to folklore and folkspeech studies CAN not be devalued by the inadequately instructed braying of jackasses!

Uncle Remus-link — 012811:
The rather obvious white man doing the Savannah Darky-reading may attest the “sunny fantasy” idea, of “happy slaves” singing on the Big House porch at sundown:


[Old Uncle Crow
[all rights revert to holders
[February 13th, 2011]

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[The following English railways text features over three hundred specific technical terms for the parts of the steam locomotive.


From Railway Technical Web Pages, at:


comes this English Steam Locomotive Glossary:

[posted by tio cuervo     all rights revert to holders     August 30th, 2009]

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[For the sake of online information redundancy, I have taken the liberty of of reproducing the following LIONEL train lexicon, from:


[The original may be viewed at:


[ — OUC]


Letters A-F

Association of American Railroads. Trade association that represents the common interests of the railroad industry in the United States.

A foundation which anchors and supports lateral pressure or thrust, such as the weight-bearing piers at the ends of a bridge which hold back solid ground.

AC (Alternating Current)
Electric current which repeatedly alternates (Cycles) from positive to negative a specified number of times per second (usually 60 in the U.S.). Toy train transformers typically operate on, and output, AC current to run the trains. See also, DC.

A local train which makes all stops along its intended route.

American Locomotive Company. Manufacturer of steam and diesel-electric locomotives.

A clear track, usually (more…)

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by Freeman H Hubbard, B W Allen, F W Smoter etal

[For the sake of online information redundancy, I have taken the liberty of reproducing the following 1945 RR lexicon from the end of the last steam age — the original may be viewed at:


[ — OUC]

This Glossary of Railroad Lingo is from:
Railroad Avenue, by Freeman H. Hubbard, 1945
* Designates Contributed by BW Allen…BNSF Locomotive Engineer
# Designates Contributed by FW Smoter…Web Master Johnstown Flood Page

AGE—Seniority, length of service

AIR MONKEY—Air-brake repairman

* ALL DARKIE, NO SPARKY—(Hi-Ball on a roll by)

ALLEY—Clear track in railroad yard

ANCHOR THEM—Set hand brakes on still cars; the opposite is (more…)

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