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WELL, As we would say in Old Eagle Lake, MN. Old Uncle Crow IS the OLD (!) Sonofabitch from The Factory With ALL The Answers.  And in these pages, God damn it, you WILL find ’em too!  All about Swearing Down On The Farm In The 1950’s!  How we REALLY were down on the farm–and how we really ARE today–Doped-up & God-damned!  How much MORE funny the Dirty Talk was by the common people fifty and seventy-five years ago–a whole lot SMARTER than the STUPID way people use only a hand full of 4-letter words nowadays.  Because the people down here near Ioway are NOT the same kind of Minnesotans you find on the Mr. Garrison Keillor Radio Show.  Hell no!  THOSE nice resigned Norwegians are found maybe only from a hundred miles north of here or so.  Read “Old Uncle Crow” and HEAR it right inside your brain for yourself!  Hear OUR mean rat terrier Iowegian Yapping & Quacking like a pack of mongrels after a treed skunk–the voices of FORGOTTEN (and ignored!) Southern Minnesota.  Here at home in Old Blue Earth County there are more pigs than people–and some of the people ARE HOGS THEMSELVES!  Read “Old Uncle Crow” and see for yourselves how it’s really TRUE: We GOT all the advantages of Ioway down here–AND NONE OF THE JESUS-CHRIST EM-BARE-ASS-MENT!

copyrighted by tiocuervo                              July 9th, 2006


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