Critical MS by Navarth

by Henry Lucas, special to Cosmopolis

[This just discovered MS presented infra is a rare example of the critical poesis of which Navarth was the author of many a screed; written some fifteen hundred years from to-day, it finds it way to us through the peculiar failure of yet another criminal experiment in illegal time travel with a feloniously modified FTL Jarnell Intersplit.

[Darden Dampf, Hipster Affairs Editor, Smut NOW – Mankato & Paris, vol LX, no 9 — 8 September 2014 (OS)]


Great American Folk-Verse of the Terrene Late-Modern Age

by:  Navarth, Mad Poet

Mr G O reminded me indirectly of THIS Continue Reading »

Gamli Norræn Tungumál Online Sögur og Kennslustund Tenglar

Unnið af gamli (!) frændi Crow

Old Uncle Crow -- 123012

 1)  Brennu-Njals saga:


 2)  An Icelandic-English Dictionary:


 3)  English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions of the Younger Futhark:


 4)  Heimskringla:


 5)  Kennsluvefir Hörpu Hreinsdóttur:


 6)  Old Norse for Beginners:


 7)  Old Norse Online:


 8)  Scandinavian loans in Old and Middle English, and Modern dialects:


 9)  Sögusetrið / Saga Centre:


10)  Star Wars as an Icelandic Saga:



11)  Verbix – Old Norse Verb Conjugator:


12)  Zoega – A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic:



[Old Uncle Crow

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[20 July 2014]

A Note — Or, Two — On My Mother Tongue

by Old Uncle Crow

[ audio https://oldunclecrow.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/022614-on-my-mother-tongue.wav ]

[Old Uncle Crow

[All rights reserved by Emmett R Smith, who asserts here his moral right as sole creator & sole beneficiary of this reading by him of a script written & performed solely by himself.

[February 25, 2014]

“Just KEEP right on…”

by OUC…Himself!

"Just KEEP right on gaping away there, Booby...and I WILL drop something just amazing right smack DAB on your head...and it WON'T be Brylcreem!"

“Just KEEP right on gaping away there, Booby…and I WILL drop something just amazing right smack DAB on your head…and it WON’T be Brylcreem!”

[Old Uncle Crow

[all rights revert to holders

[January 18, 2014]

by OUC…Himself!

"Quick! The box...NOW! I got The Eyeball Of Death covered that the Evil vet slipped in there during Fig Newton's nut-job, but he's starting to TURN his head...Hoo-REE!"

“Quick! The box…NOW! I got The Eyeball Of Death covered that The Evil Vet slipped in there during Fig Newton’s nut-job, but he’s starting to TURN his head…Hoo-REE!”

[Old Uncle Crow

[all rights revert to holders

[January 18, 2014]

Folks Like US!

Folks Like US!

by Old Uncle Crow

Just another low Southern Mn hog farmer & the latest Sneaky Pete's girlfriend...or what.... -- 102213The fact is, these Windsor porkchops ARE folks just about like anybody else, just about like in this picture that is just about like just about any other lowdown Southern MN bachelor Bohunk corn farmer & his latest girlfriend from out of Sneaky Pete’s there thirty years ago, out on Hwy 169, by the bowling alley parking lot where the ET LaCosset, disguised in a “borrowed” local human body, dissed the drunk East High farmer boys that time in September back in ’83 with his antigrav-rigged ’36 Bugatti 57SC Atlantico after hustling a bunch of their Cougar mamas in the bar full of creeping peters — and then stood up & peed INDELIBLE alien-from-outer-space-in-a-temporarily-borrowed-human-body-of-some-coked-out-Irish-idiot-of-a-farmer-from-out-there-North-of-Eagle-Lake weeWEE all over their dumb upraised moon illiterate faces thirty feet below, before zooming off to his first AA meeting with Rabbit Witchkins & a load of other Hangtown Mankato hard cases…or what?

So, who says, “The times, they are a-changin'” when they ain’t?

La plus ça change & all that old shit, my ass! And, oh yeah…the outer-space WEEwee was green, just about like neon HiLiters.

Or something….

[Old Uncle Crow

[copyrighted by tio cuervo

[October 27, 2013]

A Small Payment On A Scholarly Debt

by Old Uncle Crow

“He who is without an adequate supply of ‘bad words’ is an orphan in the World of the Word and doomed to be the victim always!” [anon — ed]


Friends numerously have indeed complimented me on many, many occasions, for Continue Reading »

When The Circus Came To Le Center–and Then Elysian!

by Old Uncle Crow

[this is a revised version of the account originally composed by OUC on 21 March 2006 — ed]

(THIS Is a story that Sheriff Pat Smith told me one night in the summer of 1964, when I got busted with some other kids who shall remain nameless, for lifting a case of beer off the top of a beer-truck in front of “Ralph’s Corner Bar” in Elysian, Minnesota.  It was an impulsive sort of decision–we were all piled up in the back of C’s old pick-up and pulled right alongside the beer-truck, and–Bingo!

(Only Sheriff Pat was waiting for us when we pulled in the public-access at Gorman Lake!  “That’s alright, boys–I knew right where you’d be ’cause I used to pull all this old shit myself when I was a punk.  Which is why I’m such a good law-man–AND, you little bastards are all busted!”

(Basically, only one of us had even gotten a bottle open, and Sheriff Pat shook us down the $3.95 to Continue Reading »

My Great-Uncle Magly & the Schuck Murders Revisited

by Old Uncle Crow

[this is a revised version of the account originally composed by OUC on 8 March 2006 — ed]

I Have been hearing, reading and thinking about history, now, for going on sixty years.  It all began for me in my childhood at the time of the Korean war, when my father would show to me on a globe of the world with a shoelace how far it had been from France to London, and England to Berlin, during the World War II air-raids–and, now, how far the Russian bombers would have to fly from Moscow to our house in south Minneapolis.

Then, all unknown to myself, I began an historian’s actual work during the long hot summers of the 1950’s, while staying on my maternal grandfather’s farm, on the high and, today, utterly agchem exhausted and ruined, ground between Eagle Lake and Madison Lake, Minnesota, just East of old Mankato, in its a brooding Indian hanging-cursed valley at the southernmost bend of the Minnesota River.  There I lived in those long-ago days, and in a much different world than ours of today, with my Grandpa, his unmarried son, my Uncle Emmett, and my Great-Aunty Leona Magly.  She was Continue Reading »

In Defense of the Common Tongue

by B Wook

The pictures shows some common American errors, both spoken & written.

Some Common American Errors -- 082413

Locally, in the area running from rural Eagle Lake, Mn., to Oshawa Twp in Nicollet Cty, the farmers fifty-six years ago spoke a better Continue Reading »